Midway Utah Winter Glamping

Your Camping Experience

Behold! Utah’s most experiential guided tours paired with our glamorous camping village. Adventourage takes glamping to its finest! Located at the southern end of Strawberry Reservoir you will find our private Glamping Village that boasts well crafted 4 season tents that can be used year round! During the winter, your experience is full service. From the snowmobile rentals to the cuisine, we will cover all bases. The village is available for day trips and overnights. All experiences will require the rental of a machine in order to access the land. Make sure to pack an overnight bag with clothes to keep warm. 

$699 for a day trip
(4+ hours)
Add a passenger for $99
*Includes a deli style lunch

This one of a kind snowmobile tour leaves from various trail heads around the Heber Valley and ends at our glamping site. We enjoy the vast 15,000 acres of private terrain and return to the trailhead we started from. While we plan this experience within a 4 hour window, its important note that our timing isn’t rigid, please let us know what else you have planned during your day. 

$899 Overnight experience
(8+ hours) 

This is an all inclusive experience with meals, lodging, and snowmobiles included in this price. Make sure to pack an overnight bag with items to keep you warm.*All tents are heated and have various capacities (4-12 Persons) 


Drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid rivers license, passengers must be 5 years and older and be willing to wear helmets. Your rental includes all outdoor gear needed for your great time!